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Can’t Afford a Commercial Janitorial Service Every Day? Nick Stroboulis Shares Cleaning Tips Between Appointments

Keeping a business shiny and clean takes a lot of hard work, which is why many companies hire professional cleaners. Failure to keep commercial facilities clean could result in losing business or getting poor reviews. Unfortunately, not all companies can afford to have a cleaning service come in every day. As the owner of Bella’s Cleaning Service, Inc., Nick Stroboulis shares simple tips so businesses can remain clean in between professional cleanings.


Encourage Employees to Clean After Themselves in Common Areas

Employees spend time in the kitchen or breakroom, which means this area can get quite messy with crumbs, spills, and food stains. If a business doesn’t have a janitorial service to keep this area clean every day, encourage employees to clean once they’re done. Cleaning food spills and wiping down their area goes a long way, according to Nick Stroboulis.


Discourage Employees from Eating at Their Desks

Although some employees might want to eat at their desks, this could cause the space to get dirty faster and damage the equipment, according to Nick Stroboulis. When the staff eats at their desk, crumbs will get stuck in the keyboard, the mouse could get greasy, and the monitor could potentially get damaged as well.


Disinfect Common Areas

Places that see a lot of foot traffic such as businesses and commercial facilities, it’s crucial to stay on top of sanitizing surfaces. For example, if the average work desk is home to about 10 million bacteria, imagine how much bacteria resides in the common areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. In between professional cleanings, businesses should prioritize disinfecting, according to Nick Stroboulis. To keep the place sanitized in between cleanings, it’s vital to encourage everyone to use sanitizing wipes on their desk, phone, chair, and handles.


Ensure Employees Know the Location of Cleaning Supplies

To encourage employees to keep their area clean, all of the cleaning supplies should remain accessible for them to find them. In a supply closet, keep clearly labeled disinfectant wipes, glass cleaner, paper towels, dusters, mops, vacuums, and more. 


Nick Stroboulis moved from Greece to the United States with his family at the age of three and settled in New York. Before starting his commercial cleaning business, Nick Stroboulis owned Main Street Street Bail Bonds and New Jersey Fugitive Recovery Group. He also had the pleasure to work for American Express Co., Airlines Reporting Corp, and Arpol Travel Agency.

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