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Nick Stroboulis From Bella’s Cleaning Service Explains How a Commercial Cleaning Service Can Improve Your Business & Sales

Nick Stroboulis, owner of Bella’s Cleaning Service, recently spoke about the many benefits of commercial cleaning and how it can help boost sales numbers.

“Many people think that commercial cleaning is solely for keeping your workplace clean,” Nick Stroboulis of Tampa says. “However, it’s so much more than a maid service. A commercial cleaning service can increase employee productivity, keep your team safe, and ultimately, improve your business’ bottom line.”

Nick StroboulisNick Stroboulis and Bella’s Cleaning Service have been helping businesses achieve their goals for decades. He explains that a commercial cleaning service maintains superior sanitation in bathrooms, kitchens, meeting areas, and throughout the office. Customers, employees, and vendors are moving throughout a business at all times, carrying germs, and spreading them throughout the workplace. According to Nick Stroboulis and other cleaning experts, a commercial cleaning company can combat these germs.

Nick Stroboulis explains that keeping the workplace clean means superior employee attendance (fewer sick days), reduced cost due to employee absence, and superior productivity.

“A clean workplace means employees don’t have to spend precious work time cleaning their spaces as well,” Nick Stroboulis of Tampa says. “This means they can focus on work and forget about cleaning.”

Similarly, Nick Stroboulis and other experts say a clean office leaves a superior impression on customers, investors, and more. Items are also less likely to be lost or disorganized, which can result in major problems for the company. When items are dirty or disorganized, they often end up in the trash, and this means important documents can be thrown away due to an unkempt work environment.

“Commercial cleaning services help you create the company image you’re seeking,” Nick Stroboulis says. “We take care of the cleaning and general organization you and your employees don’t have time to do. We ensure your workplace is tidy, so it is comfortable and safe for customers and employees alike.”

Nick Stroboulis describes that commercial cleaning companies can also save businesses a lot of money on unnecessary replacement or repair of flooring, desks, shelving, and more.

The continuous deep cleaning of furniture, flooring, and more keeps these items in top condition longer. Expensive repair and replacement is needed less often or not at all. Commercial cleaning companies handle all office cleaning, so entire rooms dedicated to cleaning equipment are no longer needed. This opens closet space for the storage of other items that are more useful for the business.

“At Bella’s Cleaning Service, we work alongside companies to keep their business clean, promote safety, and increase sales,” Nick Strouboulis of Tampa adds. “We’re a commercial cleaning company that works hard to help a business achieve their goals through cleanliness, organization, and so much more.”

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